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Navigating Isolation During Injury Recovery

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Are you someone who’s struggling with emotional challenges during an injury recovery? The journey to recovering from an injury can often make you feel lonely, you may feel like you’re on this journey alone. It has been observed that no matter what the injury is, people who’re in the process of recovery feel isolated. Physically, being stuck at home and restricted to your bed can lead to a sense of discomfort and restlessness. There are moments when you feel angry, frustrated and sad as you battle with the loss of independence and the inability to engage in activities that once brought joy and fulfilment. However, it is important to note that you’re not alone in this journey. In this blog, we will learn more about how to cope with these feelings and how to stay motivated throughout the recovery journey.

How to stay motivated? 

Here are some tips on how you can stay motivated-

Stay connected to your close ones

The feeling of isolation can be combated by staying with your near and dear ones. You must make a habit of scheduling regular check-ins via phone call or video call to stay updated about their life and also to share your recovery progress. Social media is often labelled as a toxic place, but it truly helps you to stay connected to your friends and family. When you visit any social media site, you must make a note that you do not have to compare your situation with others.

Acknowledge what your feeling

If you’re feeling sad, angry, frustrated, etc. it is important to acknowledge these feelings. Denial will not help. It is natural to feel that way. Allow yourself to experience these feelings without any judgement because recognising and acknowledging is the first step towards recovery.

Pay attention to what you can do

While you may not be able to heal your broken bone yourself, you can decide to take rest and wait till it heals itself. This mindset is very important as you move towards recovery. And you know what is the best part of this situation, you now have the time to learn a new skill that you may have planned to learn. For example you can devote this time to learning a new language or a new skill like sketching, origami, crafts, journaling etc. It’s all about how you perceive the situation. 

Plan your activities

You must create a daily routine for yourself. Write it down somewhere and make sure you adhere to it. Follow the exercises your physiotherapist may have prescribed to you, as this will not only aid the recovery process but also give you a sense of accomplishment. You must ensure that you are taking proper rest and not exhausting yourself. Eating a balanced diet will also help in the recovery process. 

Set achievable goals

You must not forget that you are undergoing recovery hence setting unrealistic targets will only further demotivate you. Setting achievable targets is the way to go. When you will achieve these targets, you will feel better about yourself as now you will know you are advancing in your recovery journey. 

Meditate and calm your brain

Meditation has proved to help many people change their mindset towards how they perceive their injury recovery journey. If you’re feeling frustrated, pause, and meditate for a while to get back in the zone. Practising mindfulness will help you stay focused in the present and not dwell on what happened in the past or what will happen in the future. 

Now that we have learned how to stay motivated while recovering from your injury, let’s take a look at some real life examples of how people overcome the fear of the unknown with Granimals

Gaurav Kamble: A story about displaying unshakable confidence

Gaurav is a MMA Academy Owner and Head Coach. So far life has thrown not 1, not 2 but multiple injuries at him. His first injury was like a sudden betrayal, a rupture in the fabric of his reality. One moment, he was at the peak of his physical prowess, and the next, he found himself confined to the sidelines, watching life pass by in slow motion. It wasn’t just the inability to move freely or partake in the activities he loved. The pain, both physical and emotional, was relentless. 

But despite recurrent injuries, Gaurav displays an unshakable will to get better. Currently ongoing in rehab with Granimals post ACL reconstruction and meniscal repair, he recently took his first steps and is on full weight bearing without any assistive devices.

Points to take from Gaurav’s journey

The most transformative measure Gaurav took was reaching out to people who’ve dealt with similar issues. If he could offer advice to anyone facing a similar journey, it would be this: embrace the solitude, but don’t let it consume you. Reach out to others, for in their struggles, you may find the strength to navigate your own. And above all, remember that rehabilitation is the key!

Mayank Singh: A story about staying hopeful

Mayank is a software engineer and a sports enthusiast who loves playing sports like badminton, football, and cricket during his free time. A fall while playing football turned out to be a nightmare for him, resulting in a left partial ACL tear, meaning he couldn't play sports like he used to. Conventional physiotherapy was helping him physically, but he had no support to stay positive and cope with isolation during injury recovery. Becoming part of the Granimals community helped Mayank connect with so many more people like him. He felt understood and comforted by being around people dealing with a similar life challenge like him.

Points to take from Mayank’s recovery journey

It is not easy to stay hopeful everyday when you have so much to deal with. But, Mayank held on to the hope of getting back to the activities he loved and never gave up. With each session, he got better and it really motivated him to stay focussed and not lose hope or feel isolated. 

Mustafa: A story about emerging stronger than ever

Mustafa had always been an active person. He loved nothing more than hitting the football ground. During a routine game, he suddenly felt cramping and excruciating pain in his hamstring. Football has been his life, and now he was forced to sit on the sidelines, unable to join in the game anytime soon. He started his rehabilitation with Granimals and worked tirelessly to regain strength and flexibility along with his plyometrics and field training.

Points to take from Mustafa’s recovery journey

Recovery from a hamstring strain takes time. He continued to stay focused and not rush the process. He learned to rest himself up as it adds to the recovery process. Perseverance and hardwork will give results, and Mustafa is a live example of the same. 

Key takeaways from the blog

While dealing with isolation during injury recovery can prove to be tough, but with the right mindset and accurate strategy, you will be able to navigate this process efficiently. Stay focused on what you can control and not dwell on what will happen or what has happened. Remember, this is just a phase in your life. And as well all know, a wise man once said- “This too shall pass”. Follow Granimals for more such content and enrol to our rehabilitation program if you are going through the same. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Q1- How does isolation impact your recovery journey? 

Answer- Feeling of isolation while recovering from an injury can prove to be detrimental to your mental health. It may impact your progress in rehabilitation. 

Q2- How to mentally cope with injury recovery? 

Answer- Here are a few ways you can cope with injury recovery mentally-

  • Understanding your body and listening to the signs it's giving.
  • Staying connected with your loved ones
  • Utilise this time to learn a new skill
  • Take the process slow and steady
  • Celebrate small victories

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