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Top 10 Benefits of Online Physiotherapy Consultations

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Online physical therapy sessions: With digitalisation, our lives have bphysicaaecome fast-paced, and accessibility and convenience have become two of the most important factors people consider while doing any activity. Digitalisation has changed how many sectors used to work, and healthcare is no exception to that. One such example is the introduction of online physiotherapy sessions; you heard it correctly, you can now get virtual physio appointments from the comfort of your home. In this blog, we will talk about how online physiotherapy consultations can prove to be beneficial and how it is transforming the rehabilitation and pain management journey of many individuals. 

The Tug of War Between Online Physiotherapy & Traditional Physiotherapy

Disclaimer: There’s no winner in this tug of war; both have their own importance. Now that we have put the competition aside, let’s talk about the fundamental difference between them. In traditional physiotherapy, consultation is generally done face-to-face. In online physiotherapy consultations, the approach is more convenient and flexible as you are given the option to choose your time frame and you can attend the consultation from the place of your choice. While both produce similar results, online physiotherapy caters to people who are looking for convenience. The below-mentioned table will help you understand the difference better- 

Let’s Talk About the Top 10 Benefits of Online Physical Therapy Sessions 

Online physiotherapy consultations offer a swarm of benefits over the traditional approach of physiotherapy. Let’s take a look at some of those- 

  1. More Accessible: One of the most significant benefits of online physiotherapy is the convenience it offers. You join the session from the place of your choice. 
  2. No Travel Needed: You do not have to burn your fuel anymore to reach a clinic to get physiotherapy done. You can get quality physiotherapy at your home itself.
  1. No Geographical Barriers: Remote towns do not have the facilities on par with bigger cities, online physiotherapy makes quality therapy available to people living in remote areas. 
  1. Flexibility in Scheduling the Sessions: You are given the choice to choose the time you can devote to physical therapy. It has come in very handy for people who work for long hours. 
  1. Personalised Treatment Plan: With the help of video conferencing, the physiotherapists are able to assess your situation and provide you with solutions as per your needs. 
  1. One-on-One Attentiveness: Online consultations are noise free and you will not get distracted by commotions around you, which may happen at a clinic. 
  1. Interactive Tech Involvement: The online physiotherapy consultations are also very interactive. With the help of tools like apps, they can track your real-time progress and share their inputs on that. 
  1. Infection Control: After the unprecedented COVID19, people who wish to avoid clinical settings can opt for online physiotherapy to minimise the chances of catching an infection. 
  1. Spectrum of Physiotherapists: Online physiotherapy gives an advantage of consulting with an expert who may not be available in your vicinity. You can book sessions with leading physiotherapists via virtual physio appointments. 
  1. Between Session Support: While traditional physiotherapy may not be accessible, online physiotherapy allows you to ask questions and seek support whenever you need it with the help of email, messages, etc. 

Circumstances That Can Be Managed Through Online Physiotherapy Consultations

Online physiotherapy is deemed effective for a large number of conditions, some of which are mentioned below- 

  1. Musculoskeletal Pain: Shoulder aches, knee pain, back pain, neck pain, etc. can be dealt with easily through the medium of virtual physio appointments.
  1. Rehabilitation Post: Surgery: Considering online physiotherapy after a surgery is a great way to make sure you are guided well to regain your strength and mobility back.  
  1. Arthritis: Arthritis comes along with issues like stiffness, discomfort, pain, and inflammation. Online physiotherapy can provide a person with appropriate tools to manage their condition well. 
  1. Online Physiotherapy for Sports Injury: Whether you’re a competitive athlete or a weakened warrior, online physiotherapy can help you overcome sports injuries and go back to your favourite activity. 
  1. Gait and Balance Disorders: If you are someone who is struggling with instability as you do your day-to-day life activities, online physiotherapy sessions can help you improve your balance, and reduce the risks of falls. 

Granimals offer online physiotherapy to address issues like persistent knee pain, back pain, shoulder aches, etc. Book your online physiotherapy session today! Click on this link to know more. 

What To Expect In Your Online Physiotherapy Sessions?

In general, the structure and the roadmap of an online physiotherapy session is very similar to a traditional one. Only some minor changes are made to make the online session more suitable and effective. Here is what you can expect in your online physiotherapy consultation-

  • Preliminary Assessment: Once you get on a video conference with your physical therapist, they will gather information on your medical history, the symptoms, and your lifestyle habits as well. 
  • Individualised Treatment Plan: After the initial assessment, they will curate a customised treatment plan as per your symptoms that may contain stretching exercises, therapeutic sessions, etc. along with suggestions on how you can alter your lifestyle better. 
  • Clear Instructions: Your virtual physiotherapist will demonstrate and describe the exercises you need to do on the video conference itself. It helps you get a clearer idea on how the exercises are to be executed effectively. 
  • Monitoring Progress: With regular check-in and follow-ups, your online physiotherapy sessions will help you monitor your progress, and your physiotherapist as well. They will make adjustments to your exercises as you proceed. 
  • Support and Communication: Online physiotherapy sessions allow a person to establish a clear communication ground with their physiotherapists. They can ask questions, solve doubts, etc. in real time. 

Make The Most Out Of Your Online Physiotherapy Session

Here are some tips you can consider to make the most out of your online physiotherapy consultation

  • Choose a Qualified Physiotherapist: It is important that you make sure that the physiotherapist you are considering to go along with holds proper qualifications and is registered with the appropriate governing body as well. 
  • Find a Dedicated Place: You cannot do exercises in a congested space. You must find a well-lit, spacious room for yourself to perform exercises efficiently.
  • Invest In Quality Equipment: It is important that you invest in good quality equipment to start your physiotherapy journey effectively. 
  • Maintain Open Communication: It is important that you communicate with your physiotherapist openly. Do not hide anything as it will affect your rehabilitation journey.
  • Active Participation: Stay motivated throughout your rehab journey, and ask questions whenever you feel like to understand the process better. 

To Conclude

Online physiotherapy has provided a revolutionary outlook towards rehabilitation by offering unrivalled convenience, personalised care, and unparalleled accessibility. Individuals can receive quality physiotherapy from the comfort of their homes and manage a chronic condition with ease. Granimals is also an online physiotherapy platform specialising in knee pain management, lower back pain, mobility issues, and shoulder, arms and wrists, rehabilitation. If you are looking for quality physiotherapy, then book a call with us and start your rehab journey today!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1- Can physiotherapy be done online?

Answer—Yes, in the age of digitalisation, where everything is finding its way to the internet, physiotherapy is not falling behind. Platforms like Granimals offer quality physiotherapy online with the help of videoconferencing. 

Q2- Can I skip physiotherapy?

Answer—If you ask if you can skip physiotherapy, you can. But you must not because of one simple reason—avoiding physiotherapy will lead to bad rehabilitation, which may lead to lessened mobility and can turn into chronic issues in the future. 

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