Granimals journey begins
After seeing thousands of people live in pain due to sedentary lifestyles, long working hours and poor upkeep of minor/fixable injuries Aameen Rochan and Sidharth decided to launch Granimals with $600 and unshakable confidence that they could figure out a way to change the industry.
Finding our footing
Finding their footing - In 2022, Granimals made $50K in revenue and built an audience of 10k+ people on social media.

Combining strength and conditioning with physiotherapy Granimals gave birth to outcome based personalised rehabilitation which didn't just focus on symptom but helped people do the activities they desired to do without any pain and limitations.
Putting granimals on the map
In 2023, Granimals serviced 2000+ clients in 5 continents and 20+ countries. Their social media community grew from 10k to 200k.

Granimals clientele ranged from professional athletes, to working professionals, recreational athletes, dancers, fitness enthusiasts, travelling photographers and many more.
World here we come
Today Granimals and badknees guru (sidharth's instagram) have a combined following of 550k and Granimals have served 3000+ customers in 30+ countries.

We have grown our revenue 2000% (still bootstrapped) and Granimals team has grown from 3 clueless dudes to 45 Granimals across 20+ countries with 70% of the team comprising of women