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The program
A care ecosystem designed for you
Dedicated physical therapist
Personalised rehab treatment
Live App support
Smart goal tracking
The program
A care ecosystem designed for you
Tailored programs
Personal physical therapist
Whatsapp support
Data, AI and Human approach
Smart goal tracking
Tailored programs
Personal physical therapist
Whatsapp support
Data, AI and Human approach
Smart goal tracking

Your recovery journey in 4 simple steps

Book a call and understand your issues


Get a dedicated physiotherapist


Receive outcome-based personalised treatments


Pay as you progress with a goal-based plan


They came, they believed, they conquered their pain

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Who is this Treatment for

Fitness Enthusiasts

Prevent injuries, enhance performance, and receive personalized guidance

Working Professionals

Prevent posture-related issues and repetitive strain injuries, ensuring better health and productivity.


Optimize performance, prevent injuries, & ensure faster recovery

For you

Anyone who has lower back pain, knee pain, mobility issues like stiffness


Have questions? We’ve got answers.

What is included in Granimals rehab plan?
Each Granimals rehab plan includes a dedicated physical therapist who accompanies you throughout your rehab journey. They conduct live video call assessments, provide WhatsApp support during operational hours, and prepare a custom goal-based plan tailored to your needs and conditions. The rehab plan also includes weekly evaluations to help track progress meticulously, facilitating goal achievement. Depending on the chosen plan (base, plus, or premium), you may receive additional benefits tailored to enhance your rehab journey.
How do I enrol in Granimals Rehab?
Step 1: Fill out the FormFill out the intake form to explain your condition and pain points. Then, you'll be prompted to book a rehab consultation call with a rehab consultant, with two options available: paid for immediate assistance or unpaid with a 1-2 week wait time.

Step 2: Live Rehab consultation Call Participate in a live virtual rehab consultation where our Rehab Consultant will help define your problem, understand your goals, and propose a custom recovery timeline and payment plan.

Step 3: Payment Confirmation and Trainer AllotmentOnce the payment is completed, you will receive a payment confirmation email, and a dedicated physiotherapist will be assigned to you. They will reach out to you within 24-48 hours of your payment completion.
What will be the duration of my injury rehab plan at Granimals?
The duration of injury rehab at Granimals varies for each individual and depends on their goals, medical history, and condition.

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