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From Injury to Inspiration: How Vignesh Made A Pain-Free Return To Dancing After An ACL Injury Surgery

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An ACL injury surgery can be a disastrous setback, especially for people whose identity and passion are tied to physical activities. For example dancers, an ACL reconstruction surgery can cause major setbacks in their lives. At Granimals, one of the most frequently asked questions we receive from dancers is whether they will be able to return to dancing after their ACL surgery. While it is obvious to doubt your return to normal activity after such an injury, the answer to this question is a big yes! You can definitely return to dancing after an ACL surgery. In this blog, we are sharing the inspiring story of Vignesh, a passionate dancer, who successfully made a pain-free return to dancing after his ACL reconstruction Surgery. 

The Setback: Is There Any Ray Of Hope? 

“The hope of dancing again kept me going.”

Vignesh is an artist and a movement enthusiast. He met with a bike accident in 2022. What firstly seemed like a normal accident, turned into a nightmare for him instantly. The accident made a huge impact on his life and his love for dancing. It was only after a few months when he got an MRI done that he realised that he had a complete ACL tear, leaving him with no option but to get his ACL reconstructed. 

It would have been easier for him to get lost in the worry cycle of whether he will be able to go back to dancing or not, yet Vigesh chose to find hope in wanting to dance pain-free again instead. After his ACL tear surgery he found our CEO - Aameen’s instagram profile and was impressed by his form. Initially, he was sceptical about whether online physiotherapy sessions is the correct way to approach his rehabilitation journey or not. Aamen has himself been a survivor of an ACL reconstruction surgery and after seeing his conviction in helping him recover and return to dance after ACL surgery, Vignesh took a leap of faith. This marked a turning point in his journey back to dancing. 

What Helped Vignesh To Get Back To Dancing? 

Vignesh experienced a rollercoaster of emotion, sometimes he would get sad, angry and frustrated. However, he chose to channel these emotions into a positive force and started viewing his injury as a temporary setback rather than an end to his passion. The fact that truly made a difference was his resolve to go back to the activity he loved the most: Dancing. Here’s how Vignesh was able to fight back the odds

Setting up clear goals

As soon as he joined Granimals, he made his intentions clear. Initially he wanted to recover his range of motion and then by the end of the ACL injury rehabilitation sessions, he wanted to go beyond gaining maximum strength and mobility around the knee by increasing the power, explosiveness and speed- all of which are necessary to return to dancing. 

Embracing the process of recovery

The recovery process took a heavy toll on him mentally. But, he didn’t dwell on the negative feelings and instead chose to enjoy the whole process of physiotherapy after ACL surgery. Be it ups or downs, he embraced all aspects of the recovery journey positively. 

Learning about the fundamentals of his body

Vignesh is a curious person. With the help of physiotherapists at Granimals, he worked on understanding his body on a much deeper level. Recovery is not all about the physical aspects of rehab; it has to involve a union and understanding of one’s body. Being able to go a bit deeper and understand the significance of every muscle in your body and your limitations is something he has learned in his whole recovery process. And this helped him a lot in his recovery.

To Summarise it all

One thing that Vignesh had was the dedication that the ACL surgery recovery demands. It is not easy and recovery doesn’t happen in a day. He understood that it may take time to get back to the activity he loved the most, but he will go back to dancing again without suffering from any pain. If you’re someone who is suffering from anything that comes close to this then remember: ‘Every challenge is as big as we perceive it to be.’ By setting up clear goals, embracing the journey of recovery, and learning more about the abilities and fundamentals of your body, you can truly make a successful return to the normal. 

If you’re a dancer and suffering from an ACL injury, Vignesh’s story about how he returned to dancing after his ACL reconstruction surgery will be your guide on how you can do it too! Happy healing with Granimals!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Q1- How soon after ACL surgery can you dance? 

Answer- You may be able to walk after the surgery within a 1 or 2 weeks but to return to a heavy physical activity like dancing may take up to 6-8 months of physiotherapy after ACL surgery. 

Q2- Can dancers tear their ACL?

Answer- There is a high chance that a dancer may tear their ACL if they do not do the following-

  • Proper warm up and cool down
  • Trying extraordinary moves without any expert supervision
  • Jumping and landing awkwardly

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